Our Vision

Following the digital revolution, the traditional route to marketing has been challenged by new methods offering more innovative solutions and created new terminologies such as web development, customer journey, organic and paid search, social media, and blogging. 

For local businesses to compete on a world stage, digital media needs to be understood and embraced. The lack of understanding of the digital solution has reduced the demand for skills which can only hold back growth in the economy. The irony is that a healthy supply of trained youth are unable to express their talents alongside a generation of decision makers unqualified to recognise how new media can make a difference. This has created a need for an educational process.

We aim to provide access to purpose built and affordable facilities in Ayrshire to meet the needs of small businesses. The main focus will be on the creative industries sector and new enterprise whilst also providing access to community training and learning facilities and services that contribute to enhancing local skills; employability, quality of life and life chances to those within the Ayrshire Community.

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Latest News

A New Year and a Fresh Approach

Posted on Monday 11th January 2016 00:00 by Anna Marie

Following some very positive feedback from our 'Demand and Impact Study' carried out by The University of Strathclyde we have been advised to scale back our ambitions, a little, for now. This is not a negative thing, It just means that we have to focus on what we can offer ...