About Us

Ayrshire Community Media CIC was incorporated on 24th September 2013 with a purpose to create a Community Creative Industries Centre in Ayrshire and form partnerships with national and local government and associated bodies, the University, College of Ayrshire, private and third sector enterprises.

We aim to provide access to purpose built and affordable facilities in Ayrshire to meet the needs of small businesses, with a main focus on the creative industries sector and new enterprise whilst also providing access to community training and learning facilities and services that contribute to enhancing local skills; employability, quality of life and life chances to those within the Ayrshire Community.

We also aim to provide a creative and vibrant hub to engage in the development of collaborative partnership working between the public, private and third/fourth sector and members of the community. We hope to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and develop social capital on a local national, and international level, to grow a professional, socially responsible, and sustainable service that contributes to developing the local economy and social welfare of Ayrshire by re-investing in developing our key services, and equally, in the development of wider community assets and initiatives through the delivery of our community development plan.

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Latest News

A New Year and a Fresh Approach

Posted on Monday 11th January 2016 00:00 by Anna Marie

Following some very positive feedback from our 'Demand and Impact Study' carried out by The University of Strathclyde we have been advised to scale back our ambitions, a little, for now. This is not a negative thing, It just means that we have to focus on what we can offer ...